Win a recording contract with full promotion

&D Leek Music is searching for the musicians of tomorrow with the launch of a new X-Factor style internet competition.

The winners will receive:

A recording contract to initially create a
single produced by Sir George Martin.

A video shoot of the single.

A makeover before their press/TV release.

A photo shoot for promotion material.

Full on-line dedicated website, and social media.

Graphic design for the single and PR material
by our award winning art department.

Promotion through our specialist music
PR experts &D Leek Music

CEO Andy Leek made his name when he played the keyboard for Dexys’ Midnight Runners first number one hit ‘Geno’, and went on to develop a career as a singer-songwriter, working with Abba’s Frida Lyngstad and Sir Tom Jones.

His second album was produced by Sir George Martin and featured many successful artists in their own right including; Steve Howe of Yes, Clem Clempson, from Colosseum, Luís Jardim , who worked with Sir Elton John,  Madness, Paul McCartney, David Bowie and other massive stars.  Alan Murphy of Level 42 on guitar, Peter-John Vettese keyboards, from Jethro Tull, and veteran bassist Mo Fostera. Plus a 36 piece orchestra on various tracks. It also features the London Community Gospel Choir.

Leek launched a Star Maker contest offering up-and-coming bands and individuals the chance to win a contract with his &D Leek Music label, a video shoot and recording studio time, as well as media promotion.

The competitions launched on March 21 2014 and involves would-be stars performing one of Leek’s designated songs.

Leek said: “In the past we have had American Idol, Pop Stars, XFactor and the Voice, all TV-based singing competitions that have had great appeal to the wanna-be public and viewers. But the biggest problem that I could see was accessibility.

“If people couldn’t give up the time to queue, or juggle other commitments, they were effectively excluded.

Entrants will be required to purchase the full album, ‘Star Maker’ (£7.99 from iTunes ) .  Click on the image of the album to buy from iTunes. Keep a note of your purchase receipt as you will be asked for it’s number on the submission form.

For every song on the album, there is an instrumental track which singers can sing along too. Entrants must then perform one of Leek’s songs and post their performance on a YouTube link. All entrant’s YouTube videos must be titled, ‘Andy Leek Star Maker: then their name.

Candidates with good ‘like’ and comment ratings will be singled out for closer scrutiny by &D Leek Music’s judges.
After the initial submissions, those deemed worthy of a second round place will have their video uploaded to a dedicated, Andy Leek-Star Maker-YouTube channel. On December, 24th, 2014, the winner or winners will be selected from the second round performances, and announced to the world.

The Star Maker AlbumLeek added: “I wish a competition like this had been around when I started out, avoiding the traditional demos and endless gigging to catch the ears of the A&R men. I’m convinced there is a large raft of talent out there and pretty well every modern musician has access to the web – and that’s all you need to enter my competition.”

“My recording company is all about helping unsigned musicians and singers,” Leek said. “My intention is to give a voice to anyone who wants to sing, play and perform. And those round 2 contestants who do not win; they will at least, get some good musical advice from me, as well as the extra focus on their talent.”

The competition is open to any single person or group with a minimum age for entrants of 16. For a full list of the competition rules go to submissions

Below are all of Andy Leek’s Albums; available from iTunes